Multi Service Discount and Long Distance Discount

Hallstar Tint & Detail is very proud to offer Virginia Residents a dollar per mile off any Window Tinting service they receive at either Hallstar Location up to 30 miles to offset the Gas prices!!!

Also any customer who buys multiple services ie…Window Tinting,and Remote start,Paint Sealant Treatment etc…will be given 10% off both services that day even on walk in customers!!!

As always Gift Certificates are 10% off in any amount and or service

We know the economy is tough especially with rediculous gas prices and inflation running rampant so we want to soften the blow of your second largest purchase(your car) and the care it receives!!!


  • March 10, 2013., 1:38 am
    I will be there Tuesday, a friend of mine recommended it and after seeing THIS and the gallery I am making my way over ASAP


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